Workshops & Life Skills

Workshops for women journeying with Angels in Progress

Angels in Progress ventures beyond the mere sheltering and providing for women emotionally. We also provide workshops that assist young women in the process of journeying from homelessness or foster care into healthier independent living.  The workshops teach basic life skills as well as valuable truths about identity and destiny . The workshops are designed to provide a holistic approach to dealing with issues of the body, mind, heart and spirit.

Not only are these workshops vital for these women’s growth but it also fosters relationships and community development. Volunteers partner with these women through mentoring, counseling, teaching, workshops to create an environment where they can learn from each other, resulting in their community. It is the hope of Angels in Progress that these young women will leave the AiP program fully equipped with life skills and the message of the gospel to contribute and transform the world around them but also bring those in the community into the lives of these women, sharpening them, loving them and beginning to form and build a construct of community, creating a hope and foundation for these women to step into adulthood in confidence. Angels in Progress is not only a shelter and provision for women, it is educational program, and community that moves forward in grace and hope.

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