About Us

Angels in Progress: Who We Are

Kimberly Shane is a very compassionate person with a huge heart to help the community and the world. She loves to teach, educate and inform young women to know that their true identity is in Christ, to reach for their dreams without limitations and through forgiveness they may find peace from their past. Kimberly has served this community for the last thirty-four years from founding Angels in Aprons, (a prayer group aimed at feeding the poor and sick) and working in her local church, to mission work in Africa and South America.  It is clear Kimberly definitely has a merciful heart and true passion to help people in this community shown by her altruistic mentality and decades of dedication.  Kimberly has a background in finance for the last twenty-one years. She has one son and three grandchildren. Family and her faith are everything to her.

“When I first met these women, I saw intelligent young ladies who had so much potential but very little opportunity. They experienced hard times growing up which impacts their lives today. I’m empathized with their pain they were holding when telling me their stories. I had a burning desire to help them get on their feet and introduce them to their strongest supporter, Our Heavenly Father.”

Kimberly Shane